Siesta Lexus Pocket Spring

Siesta Lexus Pocket Spring

A classic tailored to your requirements

LEXUS POCKET SPRING is a compound of technology and innovation designed to bring together benefits of all types of mattresses in one. Core mattress springs are individually wrapped in soft textile, allowing each spring to adapt independently to your body, allowing you to shave a relaxed sleep no matter how much your partner moves. The Memory foam is temperature sensitive and conforms to its shape as the body warms it while the sponge reduces pressure points, together creating the natural alignment of the body. The individually wrapped system of springs allows movement transmission only on the area occupied by the body. Removable cover in a variety of textile materials adds a last touch of luxury to this mattresses that meets any requirements.

120 months guarantee   30 cm height   hardness 3   memory   sponge   pocket springs

Ce spun clientii despre Saltea Siesta Lexus Pocket Spring

quotesPana in prezent sunt foarte multumit de saltelele (2 Lexus Pocket spring + 1 Lux Foam) Siesta. Iar serviciile au fost OK.
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